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Introducing i2r Ultra™

Patent protected and design registered, new i2r Ultra™ uses a new style of embossing to dramatically increase stress resistance thereby reducing the gauge, price point and environmental impact of the product.

Using finite element analysis (FEA) prediction software, the stronger, yet lightweight tray design has undergone significant independent scientific testing and validation via Nottingham-based kA Testing. 

As an addition to our existing smoothwall range, we are initially launching i2r Ultra™ with 8 foil containers and will be looking to invest in new tooling to expand the range further over the longer term. Read the launch press release here.

See the current i2r Ultra™ product range here.

Scientific Testing

Compression and tension tests were conducted against the relevant ISO standard, focussing on ensuring that the new design could withstand the same or more forces applied to it following production, sealing, transportation and storage. In each of the tests, i2r Ultra™ returned a percentage increase in strength against both the existing i2r tray design (AS221000) and a comparative competitor’s tray, despite having a significant gauge reduction.

In the example below, the ‘crushing from long edge compression test’ saw i2r Ultra™ delivering an average of 27.23N - 28% stronger than the existing tray at 19.7N, despite a 10% reduction in weight.

Code Average Peak Force (N)
UL221000 27.23N
AS221000 19.7N

Environmental Benefits

With i2r Ultra™ we have achieved a weight saving on an infinitely recyclable product and increased the strength over other competitor products.

This design shows that we are working hard to address environmental concerns, whilst at the same time offering further innovation and commercial choice by increasing strength and presenting the product at a reduced price point against comparable containers.

On the base of the tray, an ‘Alu’ recyclable logo and a ‘rinse & recycle’ message are included, both of which help provide the consumer with a clear and strong environmental call-to-action, assisting to further promote the already high levels of aluminium recycling.