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Baking → Stepped Tulip Muffin Wrap

We are now manufacturing a new and innovative baking product range which includes tulip muffin wraps and greaseproof paper sheets. Perfect for bakeries, deli’s, farm shops, restaurants, coffee shops and patisserie’s.

Our range is expanding rapidly to meet customer demand and the market trends. All our tulip muffin wraps are uniform for perfect auto-denesting if required.

Our greaseproof sheet product range includes both siliconised, standard and printed to suit many applications. Bespoke designs are available upon request.

    Top Out (mm) Top In (mm) Base (mm) Depth (mm) Capacity (cm3)
SW-16050 Black 160 x 160 50
SW-16050 Brown 160 x 160 50
SW-17550 Brown 175 x 175 50
SW-17560 Brown 175 x 175 60
CS-17050 White 170 50
* All dimensions are in mm, with the exception of capacity, which is measured in cm3