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Smoothwall → Smoothwall Speciality

Our plain or lacquered Smoothwall aluminium foil containers are perfect for packaging high quality ‘ready to cook’ convenience products including red meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, BBQ food and desserts which are widely available in all major retailers. The containers have a smooth rim that can be lidded with film to provide a leak proof pack for food preservation over a long shelf life. This can be extended further by gas flushing if required using M.A.P. They can also be lidded with our own range of plastic clip-on lids.

    Top Out (mm) Top In (mm) Base (mm) Depth (mm) Capacity (cm3)
AS420959 232 x 184 209 x 167 198 x 156 35 944
AS421118 254 x 190 233 x 173 222 x 162 35 1,102
AS421619 288 x 217 264 x 200 252 x 188 44 1,763
* All dimensions are in mm, with the exception of capacity, which is measured in cm3